Isaiah Chapter 41 Verses 10-13


Why would James Haynes confess to his friends and family that he is the person who shot Diane Downs and her children?  Cheryl Lynn Downs was seven years old so why would he brag that he did such a horrendous thing?  Yes his friends said he bragged about it and said, "The cops will never bother me."  According to his friends, Jim Haynes is proud of what he did.  Let's do the right thing and set Diane Downs free from prison and let the justice system put the right person in prison.  My name is Wesley Frederickson and I am offering a   $100.000.00 reward for information which will prove that Diane Downs is innocent and will set her free from prison totally exonerated of all charges.   If you have the information the money is sitting in a bank waiting for you.  The day Diane walks free from prison because of the information you provide, the bank will be instructed to send you a check for $100.000.00.  Contact me at drdue1@hotmail.com and I will instruct you who to send the information to.  Be sure to put Reward in the subject line of your email.  The first one to provide the information that gets Diane out of prison is the one who will get the check.

Let's consider another aspect.  We have reason to believe there was a hung jury, but the issue was not challenged by James Jagger, the attorney for the defense.  Let's say that you know there was a hung jury and you can provide information that gets Diane a new trial and results in her being set free, I will pay the reward for that too Once again, the first one to provide the information that gets Diane out of prison is the one who will get the check.  

What about lies by witnesses in court?  If the information you provide gets Diane a new trial that results in her being set free, I will pay the reward. The same rules apply.

Lies by law enforcement officials?  Same rules apply.

The first one to come up with the information that gets Diane out of prison will be the one who receives the $100.000.00 reward.

I'm waiting for your reply.



The following are open letters I have written to James Clair Haynes:

May 23, 2008

Hello Jim:

We've met before, but we never had the opportunity to talk person to person.  I have some things I need to say to you and some questions to ask you and I think there are some things you would like to say to me and some questions you would like to ask me.

The first question I have is: If you didn't shoot my daughter and her children, why did you confess to your friends and family that you did?  It just doesn't make sense to me for someone to confess that they shot someone if they didn't do it.  I heard that after the Register Guard Newspaper did their 25 years after the shooting story on May 19, 2008 you went into hiding.  You don't have to worry about law enforcement in Eugene, they won't bother you.  You've even said that yourself.

You've confessed to so many people that you shot my daughter and her children, you probably don't even know how many people you have told about it.  Since you are telling everyone you are the one who murdered Cheryl, I have another question for you.  Why did you kill a little girl and try and kill her little brother and her sister?  If you were angry with their mother, why didn't you shoot her and leave the children alone.  Clayton told me you were angry with Diane, but I would sooner hear it from you.

Let's take a little time and recall what Clayton said about the night when Diane and a friend from the Post Office came to one of your drug parties.  What Clayton told me was:  "Diane came in shaking her butt around like she owned the place."  That sounds a lot like my daughter.  Clayton then told me you stopped her and said, "It's okay for you to be here, but don't go into that room over there," and you pointed to a room where the door was closed.  I was curious about what was so special about that room and I guess Diane was too, because according to Clayton, before the night was over Diane was in that room.  According to Clayton that's when the trouble started because there was a very important person in that room (he told me it was Pat Horton).  Clayton also told me that he came to all the drug parties.  You know Jim, I've never done drugs in my life and so out of curiosity I asked if Mr. Horton was doing Methamphetamine and Clayton responded, "No, man.  He was doing the rich man's stuff."  Well that stopped me right there, because I didn't know what the rich man's stuff was, so I had to ask.  His response was, "Like cocaine man."  Clayton seemed to like to use the word "Like" for emphasis.

I got to where I liked Clayton and he was very helpful, but before I ever met him, Fran was sure he wanted to talk to me about the shooting.  The first time I met Clayton he told me, "I've been waiting for ten years to talk to someone about this."  That puzzled me, because I had been searching for 10 years just to find someone who would talk about it.  One thing you should know is that Clayton respected you.  You were kind of like an idol to him.  It seemed to trouble him that he was ratting on his best buddy, but he justified what he was doing by saying, "You just don't rat on your buddies, but no one should shoot kids. No one."  He told me you told him you were the one who shot the kids two days after the shooting.  It's a strange thing that I didn't even know that Clayton had been married.  I read the affidavit his wife gave to the Federal Public Defenders and she said she was there too, when you confessed to murdering my granddaughter.  It wasn't till I read her affidavit that I learned that Clayton had murdered someone in front of her.  Now I'm not so sure I liked Clayton, but at least I appreciate the affidavit he gave me.

One time we were going up to Clayton's house, coming out of Junction City headed west.  I remember a stop sign and just a short distance after that we were crossing over a small creek when he said, "Jim 'offed' somebody there."  I didn't know what he was talking about, but I figured you had run someone off the road.  There was a slight incline just before the bridge and it made sense to me that he was indicating you ran someone off the road there.  His response to my comment was, "No.  He killed him, man."  Clayton was just full of information, but I didn't bother to ask how you "offed" him.  He also told me how you kicked some guy across a conveyor belt at Roseburg Lumber and almost knocked him into the saw.  Clayton told me you were a 7th degree black belt in karate and he respected your skills.

I'm still troubled about why you would shoot my little grandchildren.  How can you stand to live with yourself?  Do you have nightmares?  The cops said the shooter held the gun from 0 to 6 inches from each child.  That means you were covered with blood from the blow back.  Clayton told me when he went to see you the day after the shooting you were clean shaven and had on clean clothes.  He thought that was kind of strange because you usually went around in your 'grubbies'.  He said when he asked you if you had read the article about the shooting in the Register Guard yet, you said you hadn't.  He said you had the Register Guard in front of you on the table with the composite right there in front of you.  He said it looked just like you.

Clayton told me you were the only person he ever knew who could snort an eight-ball.  He got me on that one too.  The only eight-ball I ever knew about was on a pool table.  He tried to explain it to me, but to be honest with you, I still don't understand what he meant.  The only thing I can figure about snorting an eight-ball is that when you were snorting methamphetamine an eight-ball was a lot of stuff.  To tell the truth, I don't even want to know.

You had a lot of friends besides Clayton and Fran, who talked to me in 1993.  I remember one house I went to and a young woman came to the door.  I introduced myself and told her who I wanted to talk to.  It turned out the person I wanted to talk to was her mother.  She asked why I wanted to talk to her and I told her someone had told me Jim Haynes had confessed to her that he was the murderer of Cheryl Downs.  I'm telling you Jim, that young woman went totally ballistic.  She started screaming and waving her arms.  She made it clear she was afraid of you and didn't want anyone in her family to talk to me.  She even threatened to call the police me if I didn't leave.  I left!!

Several people told me you had a couple of nicknames.  One was "Animal" and the other was "Barb" and everyone would always say, "Barb, as in barbed wire."  They told me you liked the name "Barb" the best, but I kind of like the name "Animal", because it kind of fits the way animals behave toward other animals.  Do I think you are an animal?  No, I don't.  So that leaves me with a problem.  There are many people who really cared about you.  Clayton Nysten was one of them.  He told me you were a father figure to him, but yet you told him you killed a little girl.  Jim, he really had a hard time with that and so do I.  If the truth is known, you have a problem with it too.

Yesterday I told someone I don't hate you.  Today I'm going to tell you the same thing, I don't hate you and I don't hate Clayton either.  Let me clarify that statement.  I hate what you did and you hate what you did.  There is a way to correct that.  You need to sign a confession and turn yourself in to the police.  More important is you need to make peace with God and get away from devil worship.  God loves you and you need him more than you realize.  Just ask him to forgive you and he will  It's time for you to do what's right and let my daughter go free.  You hold the key.

Wesley Frederickson

May 31, 2008


I had a phone call from one of your old buddies yesterday so perhaps it's time to talk a little more.  Every time I talk to one of your friends, I think it's time for you to come forward and make a public confession of your guilt. Something I have learned is Clayton is dead and I also learned how he died.  There's something Clayton told me about the business you owned before the shooting on May 19, 1983.  Clayton asked me if I had ever heard of the I-5 Bandit and my response was, "Yeah, they caught him.  He's in prison in Salem right now."  What came next kind of surprised me, but perhaps I shouldn't be surprised at anything.  He said, "Yeah, they have a guy in prison, but we were the I-5 Bandits."  That's when Clayton told me you had a "Hock Shop" where you sold the stolen merchandise.  I asked Clayton what you had to sell and he said, "All kinds of stuff."  He said you sold automatic weapons and I know the difference between automatic weapons and semi-automatic weapons so I corrected him and said, "You mean semi-automatic weapons, don't you?"  His response was, "No man!  Like machine guns."  Clayton also told me you liked to dynamite mail boxes.

Okay, Jim, so now we know you sold stolen merchandise and automatic weapons, you also manufactured Methamphetamine and sold it, and to top it all off, you go around confessing to murder of children.  That must be why you tell your friends the cops will never bother you.  There's something else Clayton told me and I haven't shared this with anyone, but after my grandchildren were shot, Clayton said it was like someone operated on you and took your backbone out.  He said you would disappear for several days at a time.  You would go off into the woods and hide.

I'm curious to know where you are hiding now.  I got your address in Springfield at 468 N. 17th Avenue, but I've been told  you aren't there anymore.  Jim, it's time for you to come out of the closet and confess to this awful thing you have done.  What you did to my grandchildren must always be there in your mind.  Go make your confession today.


June 1, 2008

Hello Jim:

I woke up this morning and started thinking about Diane.  This may seem strange to you, but every day I pray that God will clear her name and set her free from prison.  In the Bible, it says that all the promises of God are yes and I believe that.  In Mark Chapter 11 Jesus said to have faith in God.  I believe that too.  During breakfast I decided to discuss why my prayers aren't being answered with my wife.  That was a bit of a mistake or maybe it wasn't, but one of the things she pointed out to me was, "You told Jim Haynes you love him."  Well that stopped me right in my tracks and I began an adamant denial of any such comment.  We didn't get angry enough to throw dishes or chairs or anything and no one punched anyone in the mouth, but she was somewhat insulted that I would question her as to what I said.  The next thing she wanted to know was, "If you didn't say that. what did you say?"

Well Jim, that got me to thinking. I knew what I had said, but I began to wonder what I meant when I told you I don't hate you. Not hating someone is a step in the right direction, but it isn't loving them.

If you want to talk to me, go to: drdue1@hotmail.com